Tax Planning Legal Services

When you have important tax matters involving your personal taxes, business taxes, or estate and trust taxes, you need more than a lawyer. At the Walsh & Company tax law firm, you will find a Washington-Baltimore Corridor tax law attorney who is also a CPA. Tax lawyers Jim Walsh and Jonathan Greenstein have the business and financial knowledge you need when you are involved in tax issues ranging from tax planning to IRS litigation.

The Walsh & Company, P.A., offers our clients experienced, knowledgeable advice in tax matters.

  • Trust and estate tax obligations: Our Baltimore tax law attorney helps clients determine their tax obligations and file federal fiduciary income tax 1041 forms and federal estate tax 706 forms.
  • Personal income taxes: We help clients with especially complex form 1040 tax filings involving investment income.
  • Gift taxes: We work with our clients to help them plan gifts with a minimum of tax liability.
  • Tax litigation with the IRS: If there is a question about property valuations or other matters before the IRS tax court, our Washington-Columbia-Baltimore tax attorney can represent you.
  • Tax collection examinations: If you or a trust or estate you are involved with didn't pay taxes, and if you have received a notice from the IRS saying you owe taxes plus penalties and interest, we can represent you and negotiate a compromise in settlement.
  • Estate planning, trust administration, probate: When planning estates or establishing and administering trusts, we will advise you on how you can save on taxes and protect your assets.

If you, your relative, or a client needs a lawyer with financial and legal experience in estate planning, business law, and taxation law, contact an attorney at our firm today.