Maximizing The Benefits Of Your Charitable Trust

Many people choose to make a charitable donation as part of their estate plan. Maximizing the value of your donation requires a lawyer who knows estate planning, finance and taxation law. People throughout the Baltimore-Washington Corridor know they can trust Walsh & Company, P.A., to provide the committed service and knowledgeable advice they need in estate planning and trust matters. Contact us by e-mail or call 410-312-5690 to schedule a consultation at our offices in Columbia.

Charitable Trust Attorneys

Formed in 1995, our firm has helped countless clients accomplish their goals in estate planning, business and tax matters. We have extensive experience advising clients on charitable giving matters, including legacy planning, endowments and the establishment of charitable remainder trusts. Whether you are looking to establish a charitable trust now or through the operation of your will, we can help you understand the benefits and requirements of your trust. These trusts can impact capital gains tax liability, estate tax liability and income tax liability. If structured correctly, they can allow you to protect your assets, while providing for a worthy cause.

Protecting What Is Most Important to You

Not all charitable gifts are treated equally. An endowment is treated differently under the law than a remainder trust. The gift instrument outlining your plan must be carefully structured to accomplish your goals properly. We have the experience to explain all of your options and make sure your gift is handled in the way you see fit.

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If you have questions about charitable giving or other estate planning issues, our knowledgeable attorneys at Walsh & Company, P.A., can help you. Call 410-312-5690 or contact us by e-mail to schedule a consultation.