Ensuring Trusts Are Properly Administrated

When a trust has been established, an on-going task remains – administering the trust to ensure that the bank or other trustee is meeting all legal obligations. At the Walsh & Company trust administration law firm, we have both the legal and financial knowledge to assure your trust is in safe hands.

Baltimore trust administration attorney and CPA Jim Walsh prepares and files the necessary 1041 tax returns for his clients' trusts.

Our law firm assists trustees of revocable living trusts and irrevocable trusts throughout the trusts' existence. One of our attorneys can also function as the trustee, if desired. If one of our attorneys is the trustee, we make sure all bills are paid, all tax returns are filed, and that all moneys and other property from the trust are distributed appropriately and at the right time. If we are asked to assist the trustee, we will perform any of these functions that they request.

To establish and assist with a trust, you need a lawyer who also understands finance and business. Led by attorney and CPA Jim Walsh, our law firm brings sound business and financial discipline to our trust administration responsibilities.

In more than thirty years of reliable, valued client service, lawyer Jim Walsh has been asked to serve as trustee of trusts, personal representative of estates, guardian of elderly and special needs clients, and holder of powers of attorney.

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If you, your relative, or a client needs a lawyer with financial and legal experience in estate planning, business law, and taxation law, contact the Baltimore trust administration attorneys at Walsh & Company. Our Columbia, Maryland, estate planning attorneys represent clients in Maryland and Washington, DC, including Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Harford County, and Carroll County.