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Do you believe there are errors in your loved one's trust or estate plan? Do you suspect undue influence or fraud? Contact Walsh & Company, P.A., in Columbia, Maryland, for insightful advice and effective assistance with estate and trust concerns.

At Walsh & Company, our goal is to make sure your loved one is properly cared for and that his or her estate is correctly distributed. Our qualified Columbia estate and trust litigation lawyers understand the intricacies of trust and estate law, and the delicate discretion required when legal questions arise.

When Estate Disputes Arise

People commonly bring legal action to contest a will. Inheritance disputes may arise questioning the legality of the will or the trustworthiness of the named representative. Family members and friends, including children, stepchildren and/or former spouses, may contest inclusion or exclusion. In other situations, people may wish to challenge the competency of the individual who wrote or challenged a will.

Occasionally, trusts are called into question. There may be accusations that the trustees are not following the terms of the trust in regard to expending funds. If the trust has lost value, trustees may be suspected of not investing properly. Sometimes financial fraud becomes apparent if the trustor's interests are not being protected.

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