Providing Advice And Assistance For Senior Clients

Sometimes our elderly clients find they need services that are beyond those normally handled by a law firm, but they don't have a family member available to help. In such situations, long-term clients at the Walsh & Company senior services law firm have asked our Baltimore senior services attorneys and staff to help them with personal needs.

At Walsh & Company, we consider it our privilege to extend additional help to those clients who have relied on us for legal services. Advanced age can be a challenge to anyone, but it can be especially difficult when there are no family members the elderly person can call on. Our Washington-Baltimore Corridor senior services attorneys and our staff members provide caring, understanding elder law services to our clients.

  • Reviewing living situations for suitability
  • Helping in the search for appropriate assisted living or nursing home facilities
  • Moving the elderly person to a new residence
  • Disposition of household goods
  • Assisting with healthcare needs and medical appointments
  • Helping with personal shopping needs
  • Paying bills and meeting ongoing financial obligations
  • Ongoing advice and counsel concerning legal matters

    If you, your relative, or a client needs a lawyer with financial and legal experience in estate planning, business law, and taxation law, contact the Baltimore senior services attorneys at Walsh & Company. Our Columbia, Maryland, senior services attorneys represent clients in Maryland and Washington, DC, including Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Harford County, and Carroll County.